Big Brother & Little Brother Gifts

I saw this idea circulating on the internet and knew that I had to do something similar for my boys whenever they first met. The idea is that big sibling gives gifts to the younger sibling, and the younger sibling gives gifts to the older sibling. Of course, since my boys are so young, I did all of the gift selection, but when they get a bit older and there's a new sibling on the way, this will be so much more fun to do!

      In Miles' big brother bag, I included two Hot Wheels, a toy train, a coloring sticker book, jumbo crayons, a snack to eat at the hospital (yummy Oreos, a nice treat for such a big day!), two big brother themed books, and the blanket I crocheted to match Avery's baby blanket.

      Everything I inlcuded in his bag has been a huge hit! Anything on wheels is the coolest thing to Miles, and we've read his big brother books several times since Avery was born. He's just about finished coloring in his coloring book and the stickers have disap…

Avery is Here!

It's been a while since I have been able to sit down and write on this blog, but only for the best reason ever! On July 12th, 2018, Avery Daniel was born into this world, after a wonderful (but long!) labor that ended in a successful VBAC! I couldn't have asked for a better birth experience, and I am still on cloud nine.

      We are absolutely in love with our precious little boy, and can't get enough cuddles in! Avery has been a peaceful newborn, and Miles is adjusting quite well to his newfound role of big brother.

Still Pregnant!

Currently, I am 7 days away from my due date, and I never thought I'd make it this far into my pregnancy! All of my birth date guesses have come and gone, and I've found myself stuck in the woes of prodromal labor. For the past week or so, every other night I will wake around 3 am with contractions that follow the 5-1-1 rule, and they fizzle out by 5 am. I then spend the rest of my day having contractions every 10-20 minutes apart. It is grueling, and I am about to my breaking point on patience. The only thing that is keeping me sane is knowing that I will get my baby at the end of this!

      To pass time, we've gone to the swimming pool, gone on walks, played at the splash pad, and have been deep cleaning the house in preparation for Avery. Miles loved going to the swimming pool, and my body felt so relaxed soaking in the water, I know that we'll be going back soon!

      For July 4th, we stayed at home since Brock had to work. Miles and I sat out on the balco…

Miles' 1st Year Album - Part One

I am so proud to say that I've completed Miles' 1st Year album! This project was a fun one for me, filled with so many challenges and new crafting experiences, I'm so glad that I decided to take it on. I'm huge into documenting and taking pictures of my family (hence this blog!), and on top of this album that I meticulously put together, I balanced out three (yes, three) baby books for Miles. You know, just in case when he's older and wants to run off with one or two, I'll still have something to hold onto. So far, it's looking like Avery is going to have a 1st Year album of his own, as well as two baby books.

      When it comes to scrapbooking, there's really no right or wrong way to go about it. I chose to go with a mixture of traditional scrapbooking (with stickers, writing, etc.) and a style called Project Life. Mixing lots of different styles and techniques helped me truly channel my inner creativity and personal style. I was glad to not ha…