A Year in the Making

In the early months of my pregnancy with Avery, I found myself wondering what I could do differently with our second baby that I didn't do with Miles. I was afraid of the possibility of Avery having the classic second child experience, where there's hardly any pictures or baby books documenting the important details of his infancy. I also wanted to include one of my favorite hobbies, crochet, into the idea. After scouring Pinterest for crochet patterns, I decided it would be a wonderfully adorable idea to do monthly crochet photo shoots, something special and unique that would capture his monthly changes and celebrate the seasons of his early life. I'm not the best at taking pictures, but it is still very important to me to get the moments captured. They're only so little once.

      Our first month was July, the month he was born. I had actually crocheted the watermelon slices while I was still pregnant with him, but held off on making the hat until I had a bet…

Catching Up

It's been a good while since I've written here on my blog, for a multitude of reasons. To be frank, I've been in a clouded head space, not really sure where my next step will be, and just trying to focus on getting through each day with my boys. Some seasons of your life are spent like that, and although it does feel rather lonely and difficult in the midst of it, I have found that I have learned a thing or two, now that I am coming out of that darkened state that I was in. Now, I am focused on thriving, not just surviving.
        Another substantial reason to have not shared anything here for a while... utter exhaustion. Unlike when I was pregnant with Avery, this baby is nice enough to allow me to have the energy to get through the day with two young kids, but as soon as those two wildlings are asleep, the exhaustion hits me like a freight train. Most nights, I tap out by 8:30 pm. If I'm not sleeping, I'm sucked into the world of YouTube, just trying to k…

A Sweet Surprise

We have something very sweet to share, news that is just too exciting to keep to ourselves. We're having another baby! Baby Sharp #3 will be joining us in November 2019! Although we are still very early, and the chance of miscarriage is still likely, we've decided to fully celebrate this amazing news.

     It was our third cycle trying and while we were hoping that it wouldn't take long to catch a sticky baby, we totally didn't expect for it to happen so soon. With Avery we tried for 8 cycles, so we were fully anticipating a similar amount of time this go around, too. If we hadn't of conceived this past cycle, we would have put a pause on our TTC journey, to avoid a December/January baby.
      Symptoms started for me well before I get my first faint positive test, with strong waves of nausea and an inability to sleep at night once the clock struck about 1 am. I had woken up in the very early hours of March 17th around 2 am with an urge to test. Although my …

An Adventure at the Aquarium

Lately, Brock has been busy working on getting the fence up around our backyard, but on rainy, chilly days, he stays inside to give himself a well-deserved and much needed break from the long task of digging holes. It doesn't help that our yard is extremely rocky and that he has to fight through large chunks of rocks. On Tuesday, March 12th, we had the perfect rainy day opportunity to get out of the house and spend time together as a family at the fascinating Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium, in Springfield, Missouri.

      Before we jump into our huge collection of pictures and beautiful moments that I am incredibly excited to share with you, I'd like to first say wow. We had such a marvelous time here, even with two young and sometimes fussy kiddos. It really was a wondrous experience. We had the chance to go when tickets were discounted for locals, half off of the regular $40 per adult ticket. To be entirely honest, I think their regular $40/adult tic…