Pumpkin Patch Fun

Saturday, October 19th, we packed up the family and made the short drive to a local pumpkin patch and brought along the boys' Aunt Madi for some extra fun, too. Although Saturday mornings can be busy with Brock working a short shift each Saturday, we figured that with the lovely weather, we'd better set out for an adventure.

      The drive there was rough, with a fussy Avery who has yet to grow out of this hatred for the car seat. This picture is a slice of our reality, decent posed pictures are few and far between. You can't really blame them for the sour faces, though, they just arrived to a cool pumpkin patch with so many fun things to do!

      Since the bounce pad had a long line and we have an impatient toddler (who even tried crawling over the fence to get in on the play), we moved over to the next play area and had sandy, messy fun. They had so many tools to dig in the sand with, huge tires to crawl through and climb on, and even an old tractor submerged in…

Hello, October!

Is 2019 passing by in the blink of an eye for anyone else? It's already October, for crying out loud! Wasn't it just March? Only three more months until it's 2020, two and a half months until Brock graduates, two more months until our sweet baby girl is born, and just over a month and a half until our 2nd wedding anniversary, or seven year dating anniversary. To think that we've grown together for nearly seven years now blows my mind. From teenagers to young adults, we've certainly gone through a considerable amount of changes, but we've always grown in the same direction, and for that, we are truly blessed.

      Writing hasn't come easy to me lately. The words are just stuck in my mind; pushed behind clouds of exhaustion, a haze of anxiety, and a fog of general busyness that is involved with being a stay at home mom to two wild toddlers. It's frustrating when I'm unable to pour the words out, but it's one of those things that has to hap…

August Update

What in the world? August is already over?! It's been an entire month since I last posted, and while I have been working on drafts (which end up deleted after a few paragraphs of progress), for the most part, I've been in a weird sort of limbo this month with which direction I want to take things. For now, I continue to think over my options and see what speaks to my heart. With time, I'll find the answer.

      So, what have we been up to this entire month? Cleaning, work, stress, school, teething baby, bickering brothers, taming two crazy toddlers, and more cleaning. I've been in a deep nesting kick this past week, and the closets have been my biggest targets. I decluttered the boys' toys and finally got order placed into their closed (where there is now toy storage and both of their clothes). Dishes and laundry, including cloth diapers, are an everyday occurrence that I'm now certain that there's at least five other people secretly living in this …

Our Summer Fun

How is it already the end of July?! We have just over 20 days until the fall semester begins and we're back to the grind. I still haven't come to accept that this will be Brock's final semester of college classes, and that our lives will be astronomically different after he graduates, but it's only months away!

      I'll skip ahead through May and start in June, since I covered a bit of May in a recent post of mine, including Brock and I's birthdays. Something we've never had the opportunity to do as a family is take good family pictures, and since we live on a budget, it's not an option to pay someone else $100+ when I have the equipment to take a decent picture of us all. Someday, when I'm outnumbered in kids, maybe, but for now, we'll stick with our camera. So, early on in June, we headed out to a very green park not too far from our home and set up to attempt to get a family picture or two.

      There were lots of fields for the boy…